Sale Clarified Butter ROSRESERVE

Clarified Butter ROSRESERVE

Clarified Butter contains linoleic acid which is necessary for accurate forming and growth of tissues. This acid is one of the most important substances for human being. Human body does not produce the linoleic acid itself and should be received exclusively from food.


23.03.2019 16:54:42

New Brand FromMommyForDaddy. Mass market/ economy segment

Basing on modern market requirement we developed and introduced new brand FromMommyForDaddy named. We represent basic basket of consumer goods such as: Red and white beans, sweet corn, green peas and canned Soup.
19.03.2019 16:41:27

NEW! Sugar GOST 21-94

From March 2019 we offer our customers SUGAR-GOST 21-94 category "ROSREZERV". All production of this category passes careful selection and laboratory tests and has all necessary quality certificates.